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Scan the world, create worlds

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About us:

We are passionate about the use of technology to create immersive experiences and deliver high-quality 3D models.

Rally Point is dedicated to providing superior quality, tailored solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. We strive for customer satisfaction by delivering visually stunning and precise 3D models that exceed expectations.



Drone Mapping

Elevate your business with our drone mapping service. We capture high-resolution aerial data and transform it into accurate 3D models.

Gain valuable insights for planning and analysis.

Contact us to unlock the power of aerial mapping today.

Drone Quadcopter

3D Trading

Benefit from aerial shots by a Transport Canada certified company, for your real estate and tourism needs.  

We provide photos, videos and 360 panoramas, adapted to your needs! (site, social network, etc.)

video game controller


We are currently developing an open world Puzzle / exploration game named Thumbling ! 



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